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Open 24 hours a day 5 days a week, the foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid market in the world with volumes of over $4 trillion a day surpassing any exchange based market. Foreign exchange trading involves trading one currency pair against another, predicting that one currency will rise or fall against another. Currencies are traded in pairs, like the Euro versus the US Dollar (EUR/USD).

Spot Indices Trading

Gain exposure to the basket of instruments making up the index in just one trade. The world’s
most popular Indices are available on all Vonway trading platforms.

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Trade the World’s Most Popular Indices with Vonway: Explore a Global Range Including Australian S&P 200, UK FTSE 100, US E-mini S&P 500, and US DJIA!

Stock indices, such as the Australian S&P 200, FTSE 100 and DJIA, act as reliable indicators of market performance and sentiment. They consist of blue-chip stocks listed on exchanges and reflect changes in overall index value based on individual stock performance.


Traders benefit from indices by gaining a broader view of multiple stocks rather than focusing on individual ones. Vonway MetaTrader 4 offers online CFD and futures-based indices for convenient trading access.

(Spot) Equity Indices Spreads

Vonway offers competitive spreads across all of our cash Indices, including the E-mini S&P 500 Index from 0.4 points, the FTSE 100 Index from 1 point, Xetra DAX Index from 1 point and S&P 200 Index from 1 point.

Futures Indices

In addition to Equity Indices, Vonway also offers Futures Indices: ICE Dollar Index and VIX Index.


The gross profit on your trade is calculated as follows:


Opening Price: 4951


Closing Price: 4970


Difference: 19


Gross Profit on Trade 19.00 points x 2 contracts ($2 per point) = AUD $38.00

Opening the Position


The price of the Australia 200 Index is 4950.00/4951.00. You are of the view that blue-chip stocks are undervalued so you decide to buy 2 contracts at 4951.00. (One contract is equal to $1 per index point). No commission is charged on Indices.


For every point that the bid quote on the Australia 200 Index rises above 4951.00 you will make a profit of $2 AUD, for every point the bid quote falls below 4951.00 you will lose $2 AUD.

Closing the Position


Four days later, the Australia 200 Index has risen to 4970.00/4971.00 and you decide to take your profit. You close your position by selling 2 contracts at 4970.00.

How to determine if a client is
entitled dividend from Index AUS200?

Assuming the ex-dividend date for Index AUS200 is August 18, 2016, clients are required to have an open position for Index AUS200 before August 18, 2016, and maintain it until that date to receive the dividend adjustment of $2.44 per lot. The adjustment, either added or deducted, depends on whether the position is a BUY or SELL. For a BUY position, the client receives $2.44 per lot, while for a SELL position, $2.44 per lot is deducted. The amount is converted to the client’s base currency before deduction.

The dividend adjustments for Index AUS200 are set at AUD$2.44 per lot, while for Index US500, it would be USD$2.44 per lot. Vonway provides an Ex-Dividends Excel sheet that outlines the expected indices with adjusted index points for the week. Additionally, the actual ex-dividend adjustment amounts for each index are regularly updated on the Ex-Dividends Adjustments blog.